KENKYU Publishing Group

There is no such company registered in India It is already listed as predatory by Beall [Modula id="22"]

Henry publishing groups

Hiding their domain registration information Content in the website is 100% plagiarized Using the name Henry so that user's might think they belong to USA [Modula id="21"]

SciDoc Publishers

Hiding their domain registration info Registered in India and USA (Delaware). All the processing is done in India and USA registration and address is just to fool the users Already listed as predatory by Beall…

Medcrave Group – Predatory Journals

fake address in usa No such company is registered in USA Published many fake articles Fake editorial board. Member information is not displayed completely Domain registration information is private (hidden) Not using any Journal Management…

Scholarena – Predatory Journals

Fake address in USA No such company is registered in USA Fake editorial board members. Email and contact information is not provided Doesn't use Journal management or publishing system making the process manual and avoiding…